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Thursday, December 08, 2005


How God Prepared Us for Drama

"Every Church" where I attend still has two different worship services. Traditionalists, mostly older folks, attend at 8:00 just after the cock crows. They hold their hymnals and sing along with an organ. The rowdier bunch, mostly younger folks, come at 11:00 to hear a full rock band. But both groups hear the same message, attend the same bible classes, and love God with the same passion. They even love each other most of the time.

We joined the church because the pastor wanted to begin a regular drama ministry.

They have used drama with the youth group for several years—performing skits on mission trips to liven up churches even smaller than our own. They even perform a Christmas pageant every year at the community theater. This year's combination nativity and passion play moved me to tears.

On our first visit, I sent a note in the collection plate. "We haven't joined yet, but we would love to help with your drama ministry." I was Gideon testing God. The pastor's response would be our fleece.

Just a few weeks later we met for lunch to discuss Sunday morning drama.

At our lunch, I explained my experience at Oakhills Church in San Antonio, one of those mega-churches. My wife became a Christian in her first church drama, a ridiculous little show about Elijah. Even before WillowDrama, Oakhills was parting the Jordan with ziplock bags of colored water on an overhead. (The youth minister tried not to jerk the river open too quickly.) Elijah even rose up to heaven—on the hydrolic lift maintenance used to change light bulbs.

It was high-class drama, let me tell you.

But it changed my wife. And it changed many of the actors.

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