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Saturday, August 26, 2006



Category: Drama
My wife and I are the volunteer Drama Ministers at our church. Here are some of the scripts we've created and thoughts we've had. Feel free to use/adapt any of the scripts, but please follow

1. Give proper credit.
Email me to let me know how it went.

You can find copies of these scripts in Word format at
Marcus Goodyear's Scripts
Hosted by eSnips

"The Best Kind of Morning" (Boaz’s Monologue to Ruth--not appropriate for children)
“The Cross Shop”
“Easter Morning”
“Meet Captain Andrew Bumblemonkey”
The Five Minute Exodus (with Pirates)
“When I Met Jesus”

Audience vs. Congregation vs. Wild Cheering Fans
The Church Pitch
Drama at Every Church
Getting Started with a Drama Ministry
How God Prepared Us For Drama
On Performing Easter Dramas
Page to Stage (a series)
Whatever You Do Glorify the Lord
Worship and Hospitality

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Mark - I just read The Cross Shop - it is a great drama! thanks for sharing these with us. Did you have any more Easter/Lent drama?

Diana Floress

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