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Tuesday, April 04, 2006



Here's the second in our Easter series of worship drama at Kerrville First Baptist. Wiley, a man on our drama team wrote this one!

The Cast: The Enemy, Matthew, Nameless Woman, Paul, Blind Man, Jesus

Setting: Matthew, the Nameless Woman, Paul, and the Blind Person face the audience in that order with their heads down. When characters begins their monologues, they look up at the audience. The Enemy never actually binds their hands, he/she only offers the rope to them as a temptation.

Matthew: When I was a kid, I always won Monopoly. Every time. I just understood money. It always came easy to me. But I could never get enough. When I began collecting taxes, I knew there was no end to the money I could make. (The enemy holds out rope as a temptation.) Just inflate my personal fee a bit and I'd have more money than I had ever known. (Takes the rope and begins to bind wrists). I could buy anything. And I did. But none of it was enough. My family gave up on me. Even my friends… well, they enjoyed everything for awhile, but they just didn’t understand. Even I didn’t understand how I could love money more than any of them. It should have set me free, but it just tied me up in knots.

Nameless Woman: I’ve always caught their eyes. Really. I didn’t have to do anything to get their attention. It was so easy. (The enemy holds out rope as a temptation.) Someone said I should get a web page. (Takes the rope and begins to bind wrists) So I did. Before long I was making money. But more than that. People wanted me. I thought they loved me. But it never lasted long. And then I was alone again. Sometimes for long stretches. Wondering, there's more to life, isn't there?

Paul: I've never made a B in my life. I was president of the Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Valedictorian, National Merit. I went to Harvard Law school on full scholarship. I may not look like much, but I know more than you. (The enemy holds out rope as a temptation.) At least, I thought I did. (Takes the rope and begins to bind wrists) I learned all the Laws, and I learned who broke the Laws. Even more than the knowledge, I loved the power it gave me. I started pointing fingers, chasing people down just to destroy them. I was angry and self-righteous. Threw a bunch of people into prison. Even saw one guy get the penalty. Alone at night, I reassured myself. I didn't break the law like those people. I was righteous. Wasn’t I?

Blind Man: I was born with tunnel vision. I could sort of see with these thick glasses. I mean, really thick. If I wanted to read, I had to hold the book right in front of my eyes. Tunnel vision. (The Enemy holds out rope as a temptation.) When I was in the sixth grade, I woke up one morning, and I was blind. (Takes the rope and begins to bind wrists) I thought maybe it would come back, so I didn't say anything to anyone. When I held a book up to my face, no one knew I couldn't see it anymore. Finally, my mom found out. Then everyone. This guy at my church told me it was sin. He said, my parents sinned, so God messed up my eyes. He said that. So I asked him right out. Did God make me blind? He said I did it to myself. He said, it was my sin now. That doesn't make any sense. I'm not perfect, but I'm not as bad as lot of people. And they can all see. If he's right, I just want to know. God, what did I do?

Matthew: (Lowers head.) Bound by money.

Nameless Woman: (Lowers head.) Bound by .

Paul: (Lowers head.) Bound by power.

Blind Man: (Lowers head.) Bound.

(The Enemy exits. Jesus enters.)

Matthew: (Lifting head as Jesus removes the rope) Then I met Him. He taught me to store up treasures in heaven. He taught me to give. He trusted me. He taught me to love.

Nameless Woman: (Lifting head as Jesus removes the rope) He showed me what love really is. He forgave me. How do you respond to that? This perfume meant to adorn me. I poured it all out. To anoint Him.

Paul: (Lifting head as Jesus removes the rope) In one blinding confrontation Jesus revealed Himself to me. My knowledge, my power, all my righteousness disappeared. He showed me what really mattered and I became a servant. I began the good race.

Blind Man: (Lifting head as Jesus removes the rope) They said Jesus was near. I heard the crowds, so I shouted, “Jesus! Jesus!” He heard me. He gave me eyes to see.

Matthew: (Jesus comes to center front, between the Nameless Woman and Paul) Then Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem. (Matthew goes behind Jesus and binds his arms.)

Nameless Woman: (Going behind Jesus to bind his arms) One horrible, wonderful day.

Paul: (Going behind Jesus to bind his arms) He was bound to a cross.

Blind Man: (Going behind Jesus to bind his arms) Not by nails.

(They surround Jesus. Matthew and the Nameless Woman on one side, Paul and the Blind Man on the other)

Matthew: Not by ropes. (Taking hold of Jesus’ arm.)

Nameless Woman: Not by men. (Taking hold of Jesus’ arm.)

Paul: Jesus had fed the five thousand, cleansed the lepers, raised the . (Taking hold of Jesus’ arm.)

Blind Man: Ten thousand angels were waiting to set him free. (Taking hold of Jesus’ arm.)

Matthew: But Jesus did not step down from the cross. He fulfilled His promise to His Father. Jesus was bound . . . (Turning back on Jesus and audience.)

Nameless Woman: . . . by such an awesome, powerful love, that He would lay down His life for His friends . . . (Turning back on Jesus and audience.)

Paul: . . . and for His enemies . . . (Turning back on Jesus and audience.)

Blind Man: . . . and for each one of us. (Turning back on Jesus and audience.)

Jesus: The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life — only to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down (Jesus breaks the ropes and throws them on the ground and stretches out his arms.) And authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father. (Bows his head.)
Matthew: Release your greed and find the joy of giving. (Kneels, facing the audience.)

Nameless Woman: Forget , you can find genuine love. (Kneels, facing the audience.)

Paul: Human knowledge and power will fade away, but he offers true life, abundant and eternal. (Kneels, facing the audience.)

Blind Man: Find meaning and purpose in your suffering. (Kneels, facing the audience.)

Jesus: At the foot of the cross.

Matthew: We have been made holy . . . (Taking the Nameless Woman’s hand.)

Nameless Woman: . . . through the sacrifice . . . (Taking Paul’s hand.)

Paul: . . . of the body . . . (Taking the Blind Man’s hand.)

Blind Man: . . . of Jesus Christ. (Matthew and the Blind Man lift a hand to Jesus.

Jesus: Once for all. (Takes the hand of Matthew and the Blind Man.)

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This drama has reached out and touched my heart! My small church has recently begun to incorporate drama regularly into our services. When I read Bound I knew that this would impact the congrgation and I would love to be able to perform it. Would that be acceptable if I gave credit to your website and the author?

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