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Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Laity Lodge Consultation on Technology - March 2011

Eugene Peterson, Albert Borgmann, David Wood, Arthur BoersApproach to Laity LodgeApproach to Laity LodgeApproach to Laity LodgeLaity LodgeLaity Lodge Laity LodgeLaity LodgeLaity LodgeLaity LodgeLaity LodgeSteven Purcell Attentive audience of techies, theologians, philosophers, writers, and academicsTim Blanks (Laity Lodge Director of Operations)Pierce Pettis, Jill Phillips & Andy GullahornDavid WoodEugene PetersonArthur Boers Albert BorgmannLaity LodgeSteven PurcellSteven PurcellEugene Peterson, Arthur Boers, David WoodDavid Wood, Kenny Benge, Wan How, Mark Purcell

A few months ago, I was privileged to be at the Laity Lodge Consultation on Technology - March 2011. Rosie Perera just posted this set of photos on Flickr.

I attend a lot of incredible retreats at Laity Lodge, but this was hands down one of the best. Eugene Peterson is always great, but Borgmann challenged me to think in ways that I could not have imagined--so that my family now engages regularly in focal practices (like walking to school, playing board games, etc.) We have even tried to create some focal practices around technology, too, sharing movie night, watching youtube videos together, and working on Lego stop motion movies with their ipods.

You can hear all of the talks from this retreat at the Laity Lodge website. I highly recommend them, but at least listen to the panel.

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