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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Whatever You Do, Glorify the Lord

You see, drama ministery is not only about the audience. In its earliest stages, it is about the actors. Many of them have been told that their talent doesn't belong in the church building.
Serve outside these walls, the traditional church says. For years actors have felt like unwanted outcasts. Tolerated, but not encouraged. The church seemed to be telling them, "We don't need your kind here."

Of course, the Body of Christ is not limited by a building. Actors, writers, and directors can still serve God in school theater, community theater, or professional theater. They can bring his church to a corner of our culture that doesn't often meet Christ.

But there is a special feeling from serving God in the traditional church setting. Performance doesn’t have to be limited to out reach and mission work. It can also lead the Body deeper into God's word.

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I volunteered this week for the drama ministry at church. :) It's a new church for our family & I was thrilled.
Yea! My wife and I met in a church drama. We have continued to work in church drama (and some community drama, too).

There is nothing like bring the Word to life with your whole self.

God bless your new ministry!
Your comment made me so happy, I posted a new script "The Five Minute Exodus." Just for you!

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