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Friday, January 13, 2006


Institutional or Scattered Church?

Out of Ur is having another great discussion--this time about the role and definition of the church. I don't see these definitions of church as mutually exclusive.

I do attend a local congregation. It is flawed, but it (and many of the other local congregations) is also the most organized picture of Christ that I see around me. When Katrina hit, our church was able to send 50 men to San Antonio to help with relief efforts. Our buildling hosted over a hundred displaced people. I don't say these things to brag, but to point out the power of a highly structured organization.

Obviously, such structure can become too rigid. For this reason, I try to stay involved in many different parts of the body of Christ--

--a Bible study that meets in my friends house before work

--a LIFE group that utilizes our church building but functions autonomously

--my family as we study and worship together

--my fellow christian co-workers as we discover what it means to serve God through our "non-Church" occupations

--a drama group that shares their talents in various venues

--even this online community (which I love).

I agree with so the direction of this conversation. We need to expand our vision of church--but expanding means we add to our current vision.

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So I was ambling through the blog-verse when I saw a familiar name. Just thought I might drop a line to say hello, give you all of my best wishes for this new year.
good luck with the researching- Your student teacher, Amanda Gambetta Arista
Amanda! How are you? I posted my email address after you commented so that people who find me can email me in the future.

I'm suprised you found this. It is good to hear from you. The clock you gave me is in my new office. I still think of you whenever I look at it. (And now it is telling me I'll have to stop writing this blog stuff pretty soon and get to work.)

I'd love to chat more if you are interested. Just drop me an email!

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