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Friday, January 20, 2006

Life is good. The end of January is a good time to think about New Year's Resolutions. I'm serious. Anyone can make a resolution at some New Year's Eve party just before they kiss the girl closest to them at midnight. (For the record, my wife is always the closest girl to me--I make sure of that.) But a month later, I suspect most people have forgotten about their resolution.

I made a weird one this year. Write less.

For years and years, I have had this itching to publish. I don't understand it really. Part of it comes from my dad who wants to see his son published. (He is always the biggest supporter of my writing). Part of it comes from my own romantic vision of publishing and writing and authorship. I'm sure part of it is just plain ego. On a good day, I'm convinced that I could be the next American Novelist. I even have a few completed manuscripts--who doesn't?

Then I read stuff like Word Serve.

I suppose Mr. Greg Johnson isn't trying to smash anyone's dreams. But it sure feels like it.

Then again, why dream of publishing? Gerard Manley Hopkins never published more than a few poems in his own lifetime. He is one of my favorite writers and he didn't see the need to publish.

Also, now that I am employed as an editor, I have to wonder why I am still seeking publication. I used to tell myself that publication would ensure an audience (or at least make an audience more likely). But my words have an audience now--they just don't have my name on them. Is my goal to write? Or to be known as a writer?

So this year, I'm just going to write. Less.

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