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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


A response to Out of Ur

I don't think Christianity and Blogging are mutually exclusive--though a post on Out of Ur raises this possibility. Here is the response I posted there:

I agree with Dr. Blomberg in many ways. Blogs seem to encourage debate, and some commenters don't keep their tone in check. Still, the Church can't ignore this new technology simply because it provides new challenges and difficulties for us.

Imagine if the church had ignored the new technology of moveable type. Imagine if Johann Gutenberg had considered the Bible too personal and complicated to make available to the masses. Instead, the Gutenberg Bibles remain a testament to the power of God to glorify himself through any technology.

Blogs provide the Church an opportunity to be a virtual city on a hill. We must show that God can receive glory even in this new technology--through the way we run our blogs, the way we choose which comments to post, and the way other commenters respond to belligerent voices.

For better or worse, Christian blogs present the truth of Christ's church. We are far from perfect here, yet God will be glorified despite our imperfections.

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