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Monday, January 23, 2006

There's been a lot of talk on Christian blogs lately about where the church is going and where it should be going. Should we keep the seeker-oriented mega-model? Are Protestant America's traditions worth keeping or should we look to more established traditions? Is something entirely different about to emerge?

I found this great paragraph by Howard Butt, Jr. from his book Who Can You Trust? He writes, "If you're looking for a perfect church, it will be imperfect as soon as you join it. But God, whom the church serves, is perfect. Though in the midst of our pain we may feel He's failing us, He always shows up on time. How else could we learn patience?"

I know we are quick to say that the church is failing God, but isn't this thought really a kind of accusation toward God? As if to say, How could You have let these wack-o conservatives or those immoral liberals destroy Your church?

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