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Monday, February 20, 2006


Consuming God?

This reply from Taylor Burton-Edwards on 'Our of Ur.' He suggests we reclaim consumerism through the eucharist.

Here are his words:

"So far I've seen here a lot of conversation starters around preaching (either as instruction/feeding, or evangelism) and some reference to "eating."

"I suppose my question might be to what degree the panelists might see worship centered around the Eucharist (Word and Table) as both formational and counter-cultural for us and the world around us.

"Why? Consumer culture-- and even much "generational theory"-- is ultimately the product of marketing-- a strategy which has effectively retribalized us all into different "interest groups" that both describe us, and as we own them for ourselves, actually do tend to separate and segregate us from one another. Eucharist is all about the big table, where none of those old or neo-tribal differences separate us any more, and where preaching is about preparing us to eat there, and having eaten to take what we've encountered to live out in and confront the world. At that table we do not eat much, but in what we do eat, we find more than enough-- nothing less than the grace and power and presence of Jesus Christ.

"Eucharistic consumerism, then... what do they (and y'all) think of that?"

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