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Friday, February 24, 2006


Editing is How You Transmit Your Message

The March 2006 Wired has an interview with director Michel Gondry. Gondry says this about editing:

"Editing is crucial, maybe even more creative than the actual shooting. Every time you juxtapose two images, you say something. Editing is how you transmit your message, even if the message is that there is no message. You can make someone look mean or nice with exactly the same footage."

Although he is talking about making movies, his comments apply to the written word. A good editor knows how to restructure ideas within the text, juxtaposing images and ideas with the flexibility of grammar to startle the reader.

Sometimes it is a matter of moving sentences. Sometimes it is adding space before a sentece with an extra paragraph break.

No doubt, editing is crucial. And fundamentally creative.

Editors unite!

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