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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Haven't Posted in awhile

Exciting things have been happening at work and home.

My daughter CJ turned five years old! The tinkerbell party in our backyard took some preparation.

My son Lyle is a terrible two! We want him to talk more, but he prefers to scream his constant frustration. It isn't as pleasant as a barbaric yawp--and he's too young to climb on the rooftops of the world.

I went to the AWP conference in Austin. Whew! Still reeling from that inspiration saturation.

Also, at work I have begun editing in earnest. This means many many articles from many many writers. Cool stuff, but not much time left for blogging.

Still this post at Out of Ur brought me out despite myself. I spent my lunch responding--it couldn't be ignored.

I'm posting here because I don't see a better place...

I appreciated your comment on the "Your own personal Jesus" article.

You summarize the experience of many (me included) who feel confused/alienated/skeptical when people talk about what God "told them."

You also expressed it in a very polite way.

Thanks Adam. This afternoon I was beginning to wonder if I should have posted what I did.

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