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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Limestone Literary Magazine

Last year this time, I was taking a deep breath because the literary magazine was finished. The AP tests were finished. The school year was nearly finished. And so was I.

I visited O'Connor twice this year for literary magazine events. The new adviser is doing a great job. She generated more enthusaism than I ever did by creating open mic nights that actually worked. They would get 50-100 kids gathered in the library to share poetry and music.

You should hear the CD they produced this year to go with the magazine. Two of the student musicians are simply amazing. You get the sense that these kids could make a living in music if they keep honing their craft during college.

I wish I had a picture or a sample of the new magazine. But I don't.

Just imagine what it must have been like to tour Germany with Byron and Shelley and Mary Shelley. Imagine Mary Shelley in a dark living room, reading chapter one of Frankenstein to her new husband. They couldn't know where her book would go, but they had dreams and hopes.

Young people have a chemistry and excitement. The world is waiting for them, and they know it.

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