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Monday, May 15, 2006


Looking for Easy Answers

My friend Karl wrote in his blog today, "What seemed easily true journeying along lush riverbanks may no longer be the case in the desert. We assume much when we we traverse paths blazed by others."

It's one of the big paradoxes of life. We can only learn from our own experiences and the experiences of others. But knowing what elements of past experiences will apply to future experiences takes a special kind of wisdom.

As an English teacher I was always wrestling with students who wanted the perfect model for their essays. They were looking for a formula. Plug in the thesis here. Plug in a quote here. Summarize your three points. And get an A.

Too often I find myself approaching life the same way. I want the formula for each situation.

I pray to my Teacher and ask for formulas I can control. Don't make me trust you, God. Just tell me what to do.

Like a good Teacher, God must be shaking his celestial head.

The truth is never that easy. If we seek answers from Him, if we seek Him, He won't let us settle for the over-simplifications. He doesn't put us off with easy answers.

He gives us the big dark difficult truth.

And He says, "Trust in me. You can handle it."

I thought you might like to see this blog...haven't looked through it seriously yet...but here http://faithandart.blogspot.com/

Also have you read Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle? I am starting the Anne Rice novel...I am thinking it is actually yours and your sister gave it to me to read...but maybe it is your dads...

Can't wait to hang out with you and Amy and of course the kids too!


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