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Friday, June 16, 2006


Hearing the Call

What is more holy . . .
A strategic planning meaning for your business or a bible study?

Who is more holy . . .
The CEO of a large business or the pastor of a large church?

Both can be holy, of course. Any job can be a holy offering to God. Any job can be a calling. Which doesn't mean every job is my calling--but it does mean that my calling isn't necessarily yours.

This isn't relativistic morality. It's the same logic Paul uses when he talks about the different parts of the body.

Sometimes I hear my church talk about when a young person "hears the call." It's a strange thing because "The Call" always refers to the moment someone decides to become a professional pastor, a salaried preacher, an uber-shepherd.

Whatever you want to call it.

A pastor's calling is special. But so is mine. So is yours.
They are called to be priests everyday, but so am I. So are you.
They are a public reflection of Christ everyday, but guess what?
So am I. So are you.

Putting our pastors on a pedastal isn't good for them. (Most of the pastors I know don't want to be on a pedastal anyway!) And it isn't good for us either. So let's quick worshipping church work, so we call all worship God through our daily work.

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What puzzles me is why, when 99.9% of all those who have declared allegiance to Jesus through the centuries have lived out their discipleship and mission in the context of "secular" strivings, the association of "call" with professional ministry persists.
Power to our calling. I am hoping that my calling is being a Stay at Home Mom...

So does God call the garbage men, the Wallmart checkers, and gas station attendants or just the CEOs, entrepreneurs, and pastors? Shep.

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