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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Higher Calling

I've been learning some weird things about the internet. For example, one of the sites I edit, The High Calling of Our Daily Work, experiences a little bit of brand confusion.

People can't seem to remember that we are the high calling. They always want it to be the higher calling.

For some reason they want to find links like this: The Higher Calling or Higher Calling

But those links and titles miss the point. We really want to teach people--Christians especially--that their daily work is already a high calling. There is no mystical higher calling. There is no bait and switch about our work.

When I was a teacher, my job wasn't to secretly convert my students to Christianity or tell them about Jesus. It was to be a good teacher. Part of teaching them was developing a real relationship with my students, so I talked about my personal life a little bit. They knew about my kids and my faith, but I hope they never felt like I was trying to convert them.

If I had the secret "higher" agenda of converting my students, I would have actually been betraying my employer. Northside ISD hired me to teach English. Not to preach.

Yet, people don't understand that there is no other higher calling than what they do every day. There is no secret agenda. We don't go to work because it is a platform for evangelism or politics or anything else. We go to work to do our jobs. And that alone is a high calling.

Enough of this ranting. Go look at the new picture of me and my kids that I posted as my thumbnail. They are cute.

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Where is the picture??? I don't see it!

Thank you. I really needed to read that. I'm about to begin a difficult beat that will allow for much creativity, but also involves some difficult aspects for me personally. Figuring out how to report this will be tough and reading your post is helping me see another side to all this.
Jessi, it's just my thumbnail. Nothing complicated. It should be right here --->

Anonymous, I'll be praying for you! I just finished editing two articles about creativity in work that I wish you could read--one by Emilie Griffin and one by Real Live Preacher (aka Gordon Atkinson). I'll post a link to them as soon as they are ready.

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