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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Interesting article about blogging

Christianity Today has published another good article Goodbye, Blog - Books & Culture
This one's about blogging specifically, written by Alan Jacobs, the author of The Narnian. Jacobs argues that blogs can't have good conversation because they are too quick to move onto another topic.

Hogwash. A good blog is like any magazine. The host of a good blog, like the editor of a good magazine, brings focus to the comments and posts. While each individual post may not be explored long, all posts are on a similar topic.

On the other hand, bloggers have the freedom to limit their audience as much as they want. The fact that everyone can now see extreme views doesn't necessarily make them more prominent or prevalent. Before they were down at the feed store or hanging out in the coffee shop near the university. They still existed. People were still close-minded and quick to jump to conclusions.

Blogs won't change that.

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