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Friday, June 23, 2006


Redeeming Technology!

I just found Mark Batterson's very fun blog, Evotional. In a recent post, he says that Christian blogs can help redeem technology. Everyone who uses the net knows it needs help. (Occasionally, I'll get stuff in my inbox that looks a little bit like Greek Aphrodisiac Cult Worship!)

So I was thinking about redeeming technology, and my thoughts took the form of this logical syllogism:
    1) Christ came to redeem the world.
    2) The church is the body of Christ.
    3) The church should work to redeem the world.

It's a scary conclusion because the church so often fails to redeem the world. Perhaps this is a better:
    1) Christ came to redeem the world.
    2) The church is the body of Christ.
    3) When the church acts like the body of Christ, it also works to redeem the world.

I think I like that better. But it still begs the question.
What does it mean to redeem the world?

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I've been out trolling the shores of the information sea, braving the spindrift; looking through the flotsam and jetsam of our technological lives looking for gems to collect and polish. This is one such,

I believe our purpose is less to redeem the world than to be a witness to its redemption.
You're right, Mark. I wasn't quite clear in this post. I didn't mean to suggest we redeem the world ourselves. Christ redeems the world through us.

I agree that we are witnesses to this redemption, but only because I think being a witness involves action and freedom and innovation.

I need to comment more on this in a longer post. Thanks for reading.

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