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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The Colbert Report

We just ditched extended cable at our house. We still have an odd assortment of channels beyond the four major networks.

But we don't have Comedy Central.

I admit, I don't need to be watching it. Too much of their stuff goes straight past satire, right over the top of whatever thing people go over the top of.

Man, I just miss The Colbert Report.


So for fun, I went online to watch a few clips and got hooked.

Here are two I want to try to share. (The videos will open in a separate window and force you to watch a 30 second Air Force commercial first.)

First, take a look at the interview with Bart Ehrman, a "theologian" and the author of Misquoting Jesus. Things gets pretty serious pretty quick when Ehrman admits he doesn't even believe in God. (I've read somewhere that Stephen Colbert is Christian, but it could be rumor.)

Then, take a look at the much funnier interview with Lee Silver, the author of Challenging Nature. I'm too ignorant to speak to the stem cell debate, but I am interested in Colbert's focus on defining what makes us human. I especially like his statement that God is the original scientist. Who knows if he is being satirical or not when he makes statements like that? Some of his comments seem less tongue in cheek than others.

Also, this interview reminded me of my own interview with John Medina (forthcoming at TheHighCalling.org). Of course, my interview was not nearly as entertaining. And thankfully the only live audience consisted of brown hummingbirds drinking from a sugar-water feeder outside the window.

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