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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Lure Fishing Takes Patience

A friend of mine recently asked how I was doing.

I told him about some personal developments:
Well, I'm sending out poetry submissions, nonfiction queries, and now a book proposal. Selling myself can be pretty self-deflating work when so few people are buying.

His response was so honest and simple and inspiring, I thought I should share it here:
Selling oneself is sort of like lure fishing: Over and over you throw out the lure, do your best to drag it in enticingly, get tired and frustrated when there are no hits, chyange lures, change location, etc. Then, BAM, the hit--and it all seems worth it. I guess that's why experienced fisherman recommend cultivating patience.

One advantage
that you have at the git-go: Your name is made to order as a nom d'plume.

That's funny. I've never thought of myself as having a writer's name.

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