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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Our Eleven Year Anniversary!

As they say on Spinal Tap: "This one goes to eleven." No reflection on CBA or ICRS today. It's our eleventh anniversary. Last year we went to New York City.

This year we are going to see Prairie Home Companion. And we love each other just as much as ever.

Here's a sonnet about my wife.


A gecko walks up walls a sort of Christ

Sideways, crawling, a crooked miracle worm;

Its feet become twenty toes, and toes then turn

To smaller divisions, and hair upon hair divides:

Two million setae become a billion spatulae,

Spreading Van der Waals forces in blooms

Like Broccoli with atomic grip across the room;

Without glue or static, even air, it climbs high.

Given a choice would you be worm or wall?

Reaching out to touch a stable, prose

Partner? Or be yourself my steadfast root?

We resign ourselves belly to belly, foot to foot,

Our points of connection, too many to recall:

Two geckos surprised by memories under our toes.

(Read this for more on the miracle of gecko toes.)

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I love this poem. I bet your wife did too! (Barring the possibility that she didn't like being compared to a gecko. :)

So, now, where's the Barbie poem? Cough it up! :)

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