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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Blogging Programs?

Recently, I have become disgruntled with blogspot. This began with its refusal to allow category tagging. Wordpress allows this. I'm thinking of switching.

On the other hand, I've been here for several months. And I have the incredible technorati rating of 1,195,250. At least I'm a round number, I guess.

Any thoughts or insights from others?

I've never understood why some free blogging sites don't allow category tagging. Can It really be that much more complicated or costly than other aspects of blogging?

At GetReligion we started on TypePad, which does allow comment tagging but presented its own limitations. Then we received a generous offer for free hosting and began using Movable Type, on which we had frequent problems with rebuilding pages.

Our hosts suggested a switch to Wordpress (the free publishing platform), and while there have been a few problems, especially for a blog with four contributors, it's been the best experience by far.

I've experimented with Wordpress.com but have not launched a personal blog there yet. One of my favorite features on Wordpress.com is the automatic inclusion of Akismet, which absolutely crushes the majority of comment spam.

So, Mark, I encourage you to make your move while your Technorati rating is still on the humble side!
Doug, thanks! I'm convinced.
When you said you were moving to wordpress, I felt hollow (though short lived I confess), but your URL I will log, and go read your new blog, so my days you'll continue to uh, bless!
Great limerick, Mark! And thanks for the kind words. I'm curious how you found me way down here in Texas.

I'll post a link here before I leave blogspot. I won't leave for a bit since I want to do this right.

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