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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Not All Writers Hate Editors

Scot McKnight just got back the edits on his latest book, The Real Mary. If you are a writer, go read his post An Ode to Lil. It details his response to those edits.

I especially like something Bob Smietana says in the comments, "An editor’s first concern is making the connection between writer and audience." That's a good reminer to editors and writers both.

As an editor I'm really just trying to make our writers look good to our specific audience. But so often I get treated like an egotistical, invading general. Or some drunken pirate hack. Arrrggghhh!

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Mark, lol~ funny how my post was named the same as your website~ we're 21 so i doubt much of what i say would dazzle you~ i put the quotations around average because that's what is see though not the Biblical expectation of average. Like the passage says, there is a very high expectation of those as Christian. We are to devote our lives fully and the "avg christian" gives a day a week, maybe two to attending a church while GOd is boxed into those short hours they are there.

Jesus is our standard, we don't even do that. I would call Paul "super Christian" but based only on the fact that he did what God wanted and devoted his life to ministry. NO, we do not all have to do what he did, we all have our call but i'm getting the feeling from people that they don't even know their call and have sold out. When pplz don't spend time reading the Bible because they are too busy or can't pray because they are too busy or anything because they are too busy this is what i see as the state of the average Christian. The Biblical expectation is sooo much more than what we strive for sometimes. I guess it comes down to this, we are supposed to be hot and many of us are just luke-warm~
Thanks for the comment, enochtang.

Today's my birthday (and I'm only 32, so don't downplay your age). My supervisor took us out for lunch. He's a good guy. To make it special, he ordered the "flaming cheese bowl" as an appetizer (only it had a Spanish name that I can't remember exactly).

They brought out a bowl of cheese and lit the sucker on fire with everclear. It was cool.

Somehow I don't think the "lukewarm cheese bowl" would have been as good.

And I'm right there with you about boxing God into the few hours of church. I love my church, don't get me wrong. But God's church is a lot bigger than a room full of pews.

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