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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Prophets Don't Get Group Hugs

Earl Palmer
I heard Earl Palmer speak a few weeks ago at Laity Lodge. That's him on the right; click on him to go to his church. He listed several roles that Christians adopt in their service to Christ. I don't remember them all, but they included things like being a mentor, being a teacher, and being a prophet.

Some people are called to be prophets like Jeremiah and Elijah and Ezekiel and Isaiah. They essentially turned over the tables in their cultures. They called the people back to God.

Our culture desperately needs prophets.

The problem is too many people want to play the role of the prophet without accepting the responsibility of the prophet. They want to turn over the tables, but then they expect a big group hug in return.

It ain't going to happen.

Jeremiah wrote Lamentations for a reason.

In a recent comment Shep said,
I haven't seen Jesus around here lately (turning over tables or righting them) . . . What does one do who is called to tip a table or two?

Well, Shep, thanks for reading. If God calls you to turn over tables, you better do it. But pray hard about it, first. In fact pray hard about everything. Do everything with prayer and petition with Thanksgiving and the peace of God will guard your heart and mind in Jesus.

Because when you start tipping tables, you'll need that peace in your heart and mind. No one's going to give you a group hug.

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