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Friday, September 01, 2006

Derek Webb has a new CD and it's free! So go download Mockingbird.
You know, I love free stuff. Here's the announcement from his site explaining why he's giving it away:
on september 1st, we're launching freederekwebb.com, a place where anyone can go online and not just hear but actually download, keep, and share 'mockingbird' completely for free. In addition, freederekwebb.com will give you an opportunity to invite your friends to download 'mockingbird' in order to get them in on the conversation as well.

we hope this bold campaign will provide a jumping off point for conversations about all of these issues, and communicate my commitment to playing my part in starting them. so please help us spread the word: on september 1st, 'mockingbird' will be set free!
You should know in advance that when you get the album, it will say, "Now that you've saved $10 or so on a free record, consider giving it to some of these good people."

That's not really fair because I wouldn't have spent $10.00 on the album. I just wouldn't have bought it. Now I feel like I'm cheating somebody for not donating. My penance is to post a link to the three charities:
(Also, it took me two tries to get the download to work because I didn't download the zip file.)

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