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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Editing Vegetables Is Just Wrong

NBC has been chopping brocolli lately. Or tomatoes at least. I'm a little late on this news, but I just had to post it.

It's a good reminder to me as an editor. The audience is only one factor in any revision. The author's integrity is another. Most important is the integrity of the work itself.

Update: The ap picture of Larry Boy in armor mysteriously turned into some guy with glasses and a goatee, so I took it down. Also, you might be interested in Big Idea's statement about their agreement with NBC.

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I decided to pass on posting on this on my blog because I thought that it was a minor issue regarding the Veggie signoff but perhaps I've misread this.

I posed this question to my kids at dinner last night and they all thought it was a big deal - shows you how much I know!

BTW, on a different topic - your link to highcalling.org isn't working. Just thought you'd want to know.
Andre, thanks for the heads up on the links. I fixed them.

I don't know if the Veggie tales thing is a big deal or not. I can see both sides in some ways. Mostly though, it seems like NBC should have provided a little more headsup on the issue.

Then again, this is relatively uncharted territory for a major network to air explicitly christian content (at least for our generation). So it's hard to criticize NBC when they are doing a good thing by airing Veggietales at all.

(My kids LOVE Veggietales, by the way.) They also like Dora, Diego, and Lazy Town.
Had to add this Lazy Town video. If you haven't seen "You Are a Pirate" yet, go watch it. Hilarious.
I have to agree with Mark... there are two sides here... on the one hand, there's the integrity of the original show at stake, and on the other hand, there's the bridge factor... that the TV show could be a bridge to the explicitly Christian videos.

But, as Andre notes, the lack of heads up is a bit of a problem. I wonder how clear the contract was to begin with? And is it that all references to God and the Bible are out?

Here's something too... I'm writing a Christian book and I've been asked to balance my number of references to the bible... not in the sense that I can't rely on it or even quote it (which I surely do and they want me to)... just that many people are not "bible savvy" and so have to be wooed along at just the right level. And that's a CHRISTIAN audience. So... the non-Christian audience? I could see NBC pulling in the reins just a little, to get the total message across.

Just some thoughts... not the last word, of course.:)
Hi Folks;
Christianity, is becoming less acceptable in the public eye because Christians are perceived to look down their noses and sneer at everyone else. Christians are viewed this way because the media presents us this way; after all a pleasant loving response is not news, but a shrieking harpy losing it for the cameras is. The sad thing is that there are so many of us ready to publicly lash out at those we don't approve of, or scream for our "rights", or pass judgement on people we have never met and know nothing about. There is no reason to expect NBC to honour God when so many "Christians" appear not to either. At least the Veggies are going to fill a time slot that might otherwise be occupied with less wholesome material.
Thought it might be interesting to elaborate on why I didn't post on it on my blog...it'll shed some light on how I view the NBC-Veggie Tales (VT) issue. (not that my views are of any significance)

First, as Mark mentions, it's generally a good thing that VT has broader exposure and despite having to alter signoff, there are still wonderful elements of God's truth in the VT programming that will gain a wider audience.
Second, NBC is a business and what they're asking for is primarily a business judgement...I'm not sure if there's an agenda to censor Christians as much as to try to provide a broader appeal. I happen to think they're wrong but I also believe it's not motivated by an anti-Christian sentiment.
Third, I'm wondering if as a Christian community, we're too sensitive and adversarial in our approach to the "world". For the sake of not sounding like I'm trolling for readers, I'll just say I posted on this topic on my blog a few weeks back. I'm just wondering if we've gotten to a point where our engagement with the world is always a half empty view.
Of course, what you think is significant, Andre! What m. peace thinks is significant. What l.l. thinks is significant, too.

Every attitude and thought is significant in that it points to God and truth--even when that truth is messy. See my next post on Michael Catt, Ralph Winter, and Scott Derrickson.
Andre, don't worry about trolling for readers. Feel free to post links to relevent sources, including your own site. I think it's helpful.
Thanks Mark. OK then, here's my link on the topic of Christian community's posture toward cultural issues.


Look forward to your thoughts on this.

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