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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Blimey! Ye squiffy readers of me ol' blog, today be "Talk Like a Pirate Day" when all us old coat stripey's on account with the jack of coins can talk the shanties of the sweet trade!

And to me loyal readers (both of ye) I be bilge-sucking at work to help keep the ol' wench afloat. Thus, me current retreat to the briny deep of blogdom. I hope to resurface soon.

Fair winds to all!

(Also, I have two posts on "Myths of Publishing" in the works--the myth of book stores and the myth of bestsellers; and a new series "Page to Stage" walking through the details of a week in the life of drama ministry.)

This is a little beyond my skills...

How about "talk like a farm animal day"? Training two small children, we have become very good with, moo, baa, woof, cluck.
My wife laughed and laughed at your comment, l.l. In retrospect I missed an opportunity on the title: it should have been Blog Like a Pirate Day.

I'll leave blogging like farm animals to you. : )

(Sorry for the delayed response. It's been a busy week. And blogger was down when I last tried to post this.)
Now that's a challenge... blog like a farm animal... I suppose the people who just go 'round saying nothing original have got the Sheep thing down... and the people who are always saying, "Look at this!!!!" have got the Lassie-dog thing down. And me? I'm still trying to decide what I must be... maybe I'm the little goat kicking up its heels and eating the neighbor's polka-dot dress.

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