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Friday, November 03, 2006


Friday Friend's Blog Tipping

This is a combination of Scot McKnight's "Friday is for Friends" and Liz Strauss' Blogtipping posts. Those of you all who comment here know that I believe strongly in link love. And comment love, too, I guess. Comment here, and I'll likely return the favor. (Occassionally I won't for personal reasons.)

So it is about time I got into the blogtipping business and handed out what measly link love I have. Give your blog away. That's the Christian way. Also, to be clear to the Texans, blogtipping has nothing whatsoever to do with cowtipping. I am not knocking over anyone's blog in the night here.

Here goes. I'll do my best. (If I don't tip you this time, don't be offended. I plan to get around to everyone.)

Dan Roloff
Tip: I know you want to bring more focus and strategy to your blog--and that's good. But everyone loves a ramblin' guy. (Dan, you must watch the video.) Sometimes the best part of my job is just talking with you and picking your brain. You are a great mentor and a great guy. Thanks.

Gordon Atkinson

Tip: You are at your best when you make the gospel real. Sometimes it's your narrative stories. Sometimes it's your advice to reader's questions. Sometimes it's just the open community you model for the church. Don't pressure yourself to produce a masterpiece every time. We just love to hear from you. (I'm not sure I quite understand this tip thing.)

Camy Tang
Tip: The way you blog is so innovative. I aspire to do a lot of what you do. And you are always nice to me, even though I post some pretty stupid things on your blog sometimes. What can I say? Sometimes I have pretty stupid thoughts.

Thanks to all three of you for introducing me to the blogosphere. I owe each you a deep debt for learning about how important all this social media stuff is becoming.

GBYB (God Bless Your Blogs!)

While you're honoring other blogs, I want to take this oppty to honor you for your blogging "heart".

Thanks for blogging with generosity - being willing to share comments, taking your time to participate in my blog and also linking to it from time to time.

Thanks for blogging with honesty and fun. It's evident from your posts.

Thanks for blogging with consistency. Unlike my sporadic, irregular blogging, you're consistent.

Thanks for honoring Christ through your blogging

Grace to you
Thanks for the link love! I appreciate it. I'm feelin' all warm and fuzzy over here. :)

Camy said to tell you that you're not stupid.

(heehee, that so felt like a high school moment there, lol)

Obviously I came over from Camy's Loft and I think your Friday Friend's Blog Tipping is a cool idea.
Andre, you are too kind, man.

Camy, if anyone deserves to feel warm and fuzzy, you do.

delia, thanks for coming over! Thanks also for thinking I'm not stupid. I have definitely posted two dumb comments to Camy, though.

I wonder if other people have problems with "comment remorse" like I do?

Oh well, life's too short. So I comment away and reveal myself to be what I am.
Good stuff. Feelin' the tipping fuzzies here :).

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