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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Into the Mountain - Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Chapter 2.doc
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I just posted chapter 2 of my "Entire Book in a Blog." To avoid some clutter here, I'll be posting the mess there and linking from here. That way I can fiddle around without disturbing anyone's RSS feeds. (Someday I should set up an email subscription like Camy...)

At any rate, this is the first "fantasy" chapter. As you read, remember that the audience is intended to be young adult girls, ages 13-17. Here's a teaser:

Into the Mountain
Chapter 2 - The Deer and the Fish

“Iska, I dream of mountains.”

The Iska is the only one in our village who has always lived alone.

Iska smiled. She squatted over one of her storage pots in the ground and pulled out a gepa cake.

“They’re sweet,” she said. “Nora made them for me because she’s looking for a girl to be her husband’s second wife.”

“I’m not that girl, Iska.” I took one cake from her, and she laughed.

“I know, but Adam can make some family very happy when he takes their daughter to the first circle.” She grabbed two cakes for herself.

“Adam’s not a Kawa. He doesn't live in the first circle yet,” I said although I knew it was just a matter of time. His first year of marriage was over. “Won't he buy a chance at the bolu toss before he buys another wife?”

Iska spat on the ground near her hearth. “Men do not buy wives.”

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That's clever, to have it uploadable. If you wanted, you could also create a separate blog just for your novel, and that way people can subscribe to the RSS feed.

I haven't read the whole chapter yet, but I will. Wondering if you want feedback on these or just the pleasure of a readership.
L.L. feel free to give feedback. And if it ever stops being fun to read, you should stop reading. (That will be kind of feedback in itself!)

Camy, I didn't think of adding the RSS feed over there. I got the whole blog thing going, so it seems like a natural next step.

Thanks both of you for reading!

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