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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Into the Mountain - Sara and Victoria

Chapter One
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During school I dreamed about mountains again. First I dreamed about Ruben. Just one of those short thirty second dreams—more like a picture. Ruben smiled and offered to walk me home from school and said, “Let’s forget about last Saturday, Sara.” But I knew we couldn’t forget.

Then my dream skipped a bit. Ruben disappeared, and I saw this enormous mountain range.

I didn’t see Ruben that day during school. After school I looked for him, but he wasn’t around to walk me home. Or even to say hi. I waited for him on the steps near our school’s main entrance, hoping he would walk out and I could apologize for Saturday. I created the conversation in my mind, sometimes apologizing, sometimes slapping him, sometimes holding his hand, sometimes grabbing it until he apologized. Stupid daydreams.

Monday afternoon was hot and sticky, like our bathroom in the morning after three of us take a shower. The bathroom door at my house has a lock. I escape there several times a day and pretend to be hyper clean. For some reason my mom accepts this, so I get to shower twice a day. Maybe because I am the baby girl. My older brother, Ted, never has things so easy at home. But he’s the oldest and a boy.

While I was waiting for Ruben in front of the school, I saw my older sister, Victoria. She slammed her way through the steel doors and nearly knocked me into the street.

“Hey, kid,” she said. Her backpack was pulling her skirt up in the back.

“Your skirt, Tori,” I mumbled.

She darted her head around and rolled her eyes then shook her whole body until her skirt dropped back over the back of her thighs. Several guys turned around to watch.

“Thanks, kid. You ready to walk home?” Victoria closed her eyes. Her eyelids had so much black liner and dark eye shadow that they seemed to sink into her skull when she closed them.

I bit my lip. Victoria was unpredictable sometimes. If a day went sour, she could turn nasty. She sighed and scratched at her bra strap. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to talk to her or not. She wanted me to walk home with her, which seemed to be a good sign. Not anti-social at least. Not hostile at least.

I loved Victoria more than anyone.

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