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Monday, November 13, 2006


John Cobb and the Dead Christ

I've been off-blog for a few days leading a small writing workshop to supplement a retreat at Laity Lodge. Father Don Neumann led the retreat for the Joshua Group. He talked a lot about Christian mysticism and finding Christian truth in non-Christian texts.

My duties were limited to mixing and mingling, performing "Dark Night of the Soul" and "Mystic Trumpeter" (oh that is a beautiful beautiful poem!), and leading a 2 hour workshop.

The other workshop leader was John Cobb. This man is amazing. And I wanted to post some snapshots of his work that was on display. I'll post them over the course of several days to keep things short.

"Dead Christ" is study for a much larger egg tempura work. Image Journal posted some images of these in Summer 2005. Here's what John said about the study:
"That's a philosopher friend of mine. Bruce Ballard. He teaches in Missouri. He had this hip problem. And he was in such pain. So I laid him out on a piece of foam board with a rag rug over it. And I put his pain in the painting."
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