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Friday, November 17, 2006


MEETfish - City on a Hill? Or Not Yoked with Unbelievers?

The verdict is still out on this. On the one hand, I admire Christians who try to join the net. Certainly, I have mixed feelings about MySpace. Less so about Facebook. And you can probably guess how I feel about the blogosphere. All of these are questions of how Christians live in the world without being conformed to it. It's the big question of the web sites I edit: What does it look like when Christians take their faith to work? How much can we engage the world and find beauty there before we conform ourselves?

Last week, I was privileged to meet with an executive of a major Christian publishing network. He mentioned MEETfish as a social networking service to watch.

This morning someone forwarded me an announcement about the site. So I joined. I even created a group called Faith and Work. (If you hurry, you'll probably see me in lederhosen on their home page.)All of this activity is a little impulsive and potentially dangerous. I need to be careful that people know I'm not speaking for TheHighCalling.org in my comments there.

But oddly enough, this social media stuff has become an area of research for me. (My official title is "Research Editor.")




Random note: I ran a spell check on this post. And blogger's spell check doesn't recognize "blogosphere" as a word. Hmmmm.

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