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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


New Chapter in My Fantasy Novel

Working on preparing my manuscript for NavPress. Here's an early polished chapter.

4—Preparing for Market

I stepped over pieces of Iska’s story fish on my way to the first circle. Where the judges of the village lived. They were all watching the people hurry to prepare their goods for the market. The more attractive the display, the more likely the traders will make a purchase.

Adam and his first wife, Nora, sat on a blanket, next to strips of deer meat and a stack of deer skins. Adam was the trophy of her display. His bare chest, dripping with sweat and darkened by the sun, left no one wondering who had chased and killed so many deer.

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I'm hooked!
Do I really have to wait for the next installment?!
Just as well, I guess. Now I have to get back to work.
I'll post another chapter tomorrow probably. I'm revising the end at the same time as I spit polish the beginning one last time.

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