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Saturday, December 16, 2006


I Need Your Advice

A friend of mine built me this beautiful blog over in Word Press. I like the Word Press platform a lot better, but I could never have learned it without my blogger training wheels.

Originally, my thought was to run HillCountryWriter here and a separate blog there, GoodWordEditing. Similar to what Camy does with Camy's Loft and Story Sensei. But now I worry that I will not be able to keep both blogs running.

So I'm thinking of bringing HillCountryWriter to a close. I'll still be writing over at the other site as myself, plain ol' Mark Goodyear. I still post the same kinds of content, but the new platform will give me many more options for design and content uploading.

So here's the question. What do you all think I should do? Is it a travesty to close HillCountryWriter? Do you think the other site looks good?

Also, does anyone know what would happen to inbound links if I moved HillCountryWriter archives over to WordPress?

Why post the same content on both? That way your friends will always be able to find you. Shep
Posting double content can get you blocked from google--so I hear. Republishing some things works okay.

I'm already thinking I can't bear to shut this blog down. Just seeing it climb into the top 100,000 blogs on Technorati feels too momentus to let it go.

Looks like I'm here to stay. It will give me an excuse to stay abreast of blogger anyway.
Are you nuts? Why would you want the insanity of two blogs? (this from the woman with several)

It's fine to move to your new blog. Just leave something here telling people where to go. If you want to refer to something you wrote earlier, either repost on your new blog or just refer to the post link here.

I think it's a question of how you want your lines of writing perceived. The more distinct the lines of expression (e.g. political commentary and video game strategies) you want to distinguish the "brands" and enhance the respective credibility of each. I suppose the other way to approach the same issue it is to ask yourself who you are trying to attract to the site. The more targeted and focused the content of the site, it will be easier for more of those particular people to find you. Who won't be able to find you if you mixed content? Anyone?
I tried two blogs on two formats for a while, and one was always neglected. You, however, seemed much more disciplined than I. I like the idea of maintaining the presence of Hill Country Writer at the very least. Any links can still come here and then you can send them on to your new blog.
I have two blogs. But they are very different. One is more for writers and readers, the other for science and health/eco-concerned people. I only post once a week on the second one, and I use it more as a journal, where I keep all the links and info I wouldn't want to lose track of.

You could try two out as an experiment. That's probably what I'd do, until the answer presented itself clearly.
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Here's another test post by Mark.

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