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Monday, December 11, 2006


Modern Day Noah

For better or worse, it's The Office meets Noah's Ark. A 21st century sit com interpretation of holy writ. Of course, I still haven't seen Bruce Almighty.

To the point. For now let's assume good faith about the movie, which is to say I figure it contains no obscene heresy or ridiculous denials of God's basic goodness or justice or what have you.

Are movies like this helpful to the gospel or harmful?

My friend Andre Yee couldn't get blogger to work, so he emailed this comment to me:

If the measure is whether these movies promote the cause of Christian faith, I think they are of questionable value. I know many Christian consider Bruce Almighty to be a good movie but I fail to understand why.
If a movie makes a direct representation about who God is, we need to measure that against how God is revealed in the Bible. If the movie trivializes who God is or does violence to his character, it's not a good movie, even if it has other morally "good" themes."

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