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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Jesus Christ Avatar

I have to get other people's take on this. I love using technology to serve God, but this Jesus Avatar strikes me as a strange and incongruent.

Bob Darden of the Wittenburg Door offers this tip:

"Keep watching when Messiah stops talking. Then move your mouse across His picture and you'll see what real omniscience looks like. Seems mama wasn't kiddin' when she said Jesus was watching!"

I hope I didn't offend anybody with this one. I should have warned people to follow the Wittenburg Door link at their own risk. It is not the picture of reverence. (Darden is a good good guy, though.)

And I certainly do not mean to call out any particular denomination as having cornered the market on cheezy Jesus junk.

After watching the avatar in horror again with my wife, I decided why it bothered me so much. Something about a programmed Jesus just feels wrong. For example, it allows the user to make him look wherever the mouse moves, like he is our little avatar robot.

Robot Jesus. Sounds like a good scifi book, maybe.
Something about a white, blue-eyed Jesus offends me more, but I am a militant honky.
Matt, you militant honky. That's exactly what I mean. If we program Jesus--in this instance the Word become flash--then someone has to choose what color his skin and eyes will be.

It's a fine line. The extreme logical extension of that thought is to ban all representations of Jesus as inaccurate (true) and therefore unholy (untrue).

The great thing about Truth is that I don't believe it is fully dependent on factual accuracy. Which is not to say factual accuracy isn't important--but Truth isn't limited to facts.

(Remember "How to Tell a True War Story"?)
Ooooh, "and the word became flash". Cheezy indeed.

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