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Monday, October 02, 2006


When Hollywood Meets Jesusland

My last post on the VeggieTales vs. NBC saga drew more interest than I expected. (Not hard since I expected none.)

NBC says it removes God-talk to appeal to a wider audience. VeggieTales says the integrity of their show has been compromised at the last minute. LA and Hollywood value the ad sales. JesusLand values the sermon.

In a comment on the last post, Andre wonders "if as a Christian community, we're too sensitive and adversarial in our approach to the 'world'." Too sensitive? Heck, we've got a chip on our shoulder the size of a wooden plank. Thanks for reminding me to, um, open my eyes to it.

Which all brings me to say, the latest two interviews I worked on for TheHighCalling.org address this issue more philosophically.

Pastor Michael Catt and crew clearly value the sermon.

Ralph Winter and Scott Derrickson clearly understand the need for sales.

More often, the second approach produces a better product in the end. Just compare Facing the Giants (which I adored despite myself) and X-Men (which I own).

Both interviews are really interesting! Take a look.

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