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Friday, November 10, 2006


Friday Friend's Blog Tipping

Last week, I started a little tradition that will continue as long as I can manage. You can read more details about blog tipping in that post. Let's get to the meat.

Howard Butt (Wisdom from Howard)
  1. How many 78 year-old executives do you know who have a blog?
  2. He's basically the father of the current spirituality and work movement.
  3. He talks about the joy of sauerkraut.
Tip: I know you're driven. It's what has led you to excellence. I just want you to know that you are doing a good job. Your work has mattered and will continue to matter. And God will honor it.

L. L. Barkat (Seedlings in Stone)
  1. She posts tons of pictures on her blog.
  2. She writes good poetry.
  3. She's been featured in Publisher's Weekly!
Tip: One of your biggest strengths is your consistent length. Every post is the perfect bite-size thought. My favorite thing is when you post a painting and respond--either in poetry or prose. Also, I think you shouldn't be afraid to link to your web site.

Scot McKnight (Jesus Creed)
  1. The man is a writing machine. 3 Posts a day! How does he do it?
  2. His series on calvinism blew my mind. (And I'm still picking up the pieces.)
  3. Anyone who can build that kind of community is worth admiring.
Tip: I am in awe of how prolific you are. The best tip I can offer are these links to send more people to your site. Your post on Ted Haggard was incredibly kind. Thanks for all that you do.

You are all awesome. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.

(Also, sorry for the messy book posts. For now, start at the Table of Contents and follow the internal links. I'm rethinking how I can make it work better. Probably I will post the book somewhere else in its entirety, then link to it from here.)

Blogtipping is a great idea! Mind if I steal, er, borrow it?
Thanks, Mark... how kind of you... I do have a link to my site, but I tend to like my blog as a separate world... it's my fun and friends and place of musing, while the site is more business and serious stuff.

Blessings to you! :)
Loving your blog, dude. I even know where Kerrville, TEXAS is!
Lovin' the positive energy here! Keep it up!

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