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Friday, November 17, 2006


Friday Friend's Blog Tipping

So this is week three of blog tipping. You can read last week and the week before if you like. It's been a busy few weeks--here and at my desk. I keep meaning to take a break from blogging. I may post a few chapters at Entire Book on a Blog and rest a bit. On the other hand, I just got the greatest link from Brian Solis, here and here. Funny how this place works like that.

I felt a little weird about the "tips" part, but I'll try one more week to see how it works. Everyone must know this: I'm a hack. The only tip I should give is 20% after a good meal. But since I'm just a poor editor, you're all stuck with my words (and my email subscription or RSS feed).

Brian Clark, aka Copyblogger
Tip: Readers love it when you are honest. Not that marketing copy is dishonest, of course. But I can't say how much I appreciated last week's post where you levelled with the readers.

Andrew Jones, aka Tall Skinny Kiwi
Tip: Thanks for posting the stuff about Mark Driscoll. Especially important to me was your comment, "mark is my friend."

Tod Bolsinger, aka, um, Tod
Tip: I'm about to drive you and your wife to Laity Lodge. Buckle up.

Kiwi! Wow.
Yeah. It makes me get teary eyed. Because I want to fly too.
Off topic for this post...

I'm excited that I've put a link to Hill Country on my Green Inventions blog. Take a look. However, if for some reason you'd prefer not to be listed there, let me know.
I'm honored that you'd link to me from anywhere. If you ever catch me judging myself superior to someone else's blog or thoughts, please feel free to slap me--or whatever the digital equivalent.

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