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Friday, December 01, 2006


Shhhh, Let's Go Blog Tipping

Apparently, it takes the force of 4.43 people to tip a 1 ½ ton cow. And cows are also incredibly light sleepers. Only an urbanite could believe such a ridiculous idea. Here in hill country slow towns, we know better.

Blog-tipping is no urban myth. This week I'm going with the tip of the hat metaphor rather than the food service metaphor. So no advice to sub for the 20% markup on my meal. Just a nod and a smile.

Also, I'm too tired for more than two.

Patrick Borders at the Emdashery

Darren Rouse at ProBlogger

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Mark - I like your blogtipping. It gives me a direction to go to find other great blogs to read. What a wide world is the blogosphere.
Thanks charity!
Thanks, Mark, for the great blog tip. I really appreciate it! I went to college at Virginia Tech in beautiful and rural, southwest Virginia. There, cow-tipping was a much talked about activity, but I could never find anyone who had actually done it. At least when it comes to blog-tipping, I'm glad there's someone out there sharing the blog love. Thank you!!
You deserve the tip, Patrick. Your blog is a helpful resource.

Here in Texas, the teenagers talk about cow tipping too, but only in the cities. Any of them who actually try to cow tip in the country figure out that cows don't sleep standing up. They lay down. (They do doze while standing, though.)

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